This Girl Sure Loves her Hummus


If theres one thing you know with Isla, it’s that you don’t get in the way of this baby and her hummus.  Feeding time with Isla has always been kind of a struggle, but it helps that we’ve established an area specifically for eating.  She eventually began to learn that when it’s time to eat, its time to sit in her high chair.  Now she’s eating on her own and we’re able to give her a bit more independence during dinner time.  

This high chair really is perfect for establishing a spot though.  I LOVE the chevron pattern and how easy it is to wipe up after a mess.  Same with the bibs.  They can get pricey, but I honestly wouldn’t waste my money on any other kind.  These Baby Bjorn bibs have a little lip on the edge to catch fallen food items and keep them off your kids clothes.  When using regular bibs, I found myself using 5-6 a day! Exnay on the laundry and yay to the Bjorn bibs.  When you’re done, they’re super easy to wipe off or put in the dishwasher.  I only purchased 2 and it’s honestly more than enough. 

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FREE shipping on the chicco high chair! Nothing better than getting an item shipped to your front door free of charge without spending the time and effort of dragging the kids into the store.


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