Quick Hair Curling Method

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Since the makeup tutorial was a success, I’ve gotten requests to do a hair tutorial.  This makes me so nervous because every time I do my hair there is a very good chance that it can turn out terribly! You never know what your hair is going to do. Or at least I don’t. Still, I’ve used a lot of hair products and I can at least share my experience with those.  I am a little too vain about my mane and have tried lots of different products over the years trying to tame it.  So far, these are the best I have come by.

I’m not a huge fan of putting a ton of product in my hair.  I know that there are tons of products out there that could make it shinier, less frizzy, more voluminous, etc.  But I prefer to find one product that does it all instead of dragging my hair routine out an extra hour by putting a hundred different products in it.  Please comment with your favorite hair products for volume and hold! Those are always two issues I am continually working on with my own hair.

Another reason why I’m nervous about doing a hair tutorial: I have to spill my (grimy?) secrets! Eek! Okay, so I actually only wash my hair every other day.  Sometimes I stretch it out to 3 days, and on the third day I’ll wear my hair in one of those really stylish puffed up ponytails or messy bun.  But if you see me daily, you’ll know that on the first day my hair looks amazing, the second day I’m rocking the ‘messy beach curls’ look, and by the 3rd day I’m wearing a pony tail.  

This routine saves me time, but it also saves me wear and tear on my hair. I have to get my hair cut every 3 months (at least!) because of how fast it grows.  My hair dresser always remarks on how healthy my hair is, so I think it’s working! But I recognize that not everyone can maintain that kind of routine.  My sister, (shout out to Olivia!) who has very similar hair, says she can’t even go a day without her hair feeling grimy or dirty.  This is completely understandable, especially considering all the products we girls use! But if you can swing it, wash your hair every other day.  It helps to put your hair up in a bun when you sleep to protect it from oils! And a shower cap and bun will do the trick for keeping your hair dry in the shower.


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