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SHIRT: here, PANTS: here, SCARF: here, SHOES: here, BAG: similar here and here, WATCH: here, BRACELETS: here and here, NAIL POLISH: here, LIPS: here in color ‘Faux’
Okay guys, I really don’t know what happened to this OOTD, but I’m just going to chalk it up to technical difficulties.  I posted it and then when I came back online, it was nowhere to be found. Aaah! So let me redeem myself here.

I’m super excited about today’s post because I think it’s such a nifty little fashion trick for nursing moms.  Today we’re going to talk about the power of the scarf! When I was nursing Isla I was the queen of scarfs.  I built myself quite the collection because I tried to find any way I could to wear one.  The scarfs served some pretty amazing roles: 1.) Mommy bib: if Isla spit up on me I could just remove the scarf and wouldn’t have to spend the rest of my outing smelling like sour milk.  2.) They provided privacy! The scarf hung just low enough to cover Isla’s mouth and my unmentionables while she was eating without her having to be completely covered. 3.) They were fashionable! It was such a cute and easy way to accessorize yoga pants and a comfy tee.  It just adds the extra touch that says, hey, I’m trying.

To be honest I never really understood the whole ‘#freethenipple’ thing.  I was like, really moms? Cover up, it’s not that big of a deal, and no one wants your nips all up in their business…until I had Isla.  She was a very colic-y baby and it wasn’t until she was 5 months old that we found out that the reason for quite a bit of her unhappiness was because of a secondary lactose-intolerance.  So needless to say, she was very unhappy during the first few months.  She absolutely HATED being covered up or underneath the ‘hooter-hider’ (find one here). It was almost as if she was like, haven’t I been through enough? She wouldn’t even let me talk while she was eating – no joke.  Any time I started talking she would scream and stop eating, it became a joke between me and my girlfriends, and they would put it to the test to see if it were really true.  Can you say high maintenance? 

So the scarf really did work wonders for me when it came to feeding Isla on the go.  The scarf hangs just low enough to cover Isla’s mouth without having to be under a hot blanket.  And there was no finagling! No jugging baby, then blanket, then baby again, then trying to get her to latch, oh no wait the blanket came off, can people see my boob right now? Ugh she’s crying, blanket!!! All I had to do was position the scarf that I was already wearing over whatever side she was feeding from. Score.

And again, these accessories are so easy and practical.  I love that little MK clutch because I can just stuff it into the diaper bag.  And when a quick trip doesn’t require the whole diaper bag, the little wristlet allows for easy juggling of baby and your wallet essentials.  The bracelet’s I’m wearing are flexible and delicate without any sharp edges that would catch on the baby and scratch her.  I never wear bangles for that reason, how uncomfortable for our babies! Flexible and delicate are the way to go for me when I accessorize.

Loving these color combos! If you are bigger in the bust now that you are nursing I would buy the next size up in this tank for the best fit!

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  1. I am not nursing anymore, but I wish I thought about scarfs back then. What a neat idea!! I will for sure share this with friends who are at that stage. Thanks!

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