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So with all of the makeup tutorials and close-ups I’ve been posting lately, it was only a matter of time before we went over skin care.  Skin care is a huuuge priority to me because I think that the base that you start with is way more important than if you bought the best, most expensive foundation or concealer in the world.

That’s why I was so. darn. excited to partner with Kiehl’s, a company that’s been around for more than 160 years. They sent some products over to Every Good Woman for review and here is an honest to goodness review about them and some of the products I’ve been using lately!

Let’s start with the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, because it was my favorite.  I rubbed some into my hands and it felt almost sexual, no joke.  The best way that I can describe the texture of this cream is a matte-like consistency, it’s truly fantastic.  It made me pause for a second and treat myself to a little hand massage, who knew they could feel so good? Long story short, I had a long day with Isla and this hand massage gave me goosebumps.  It was such a nice little treat that I gifted myself, and I think it’s important that we mom’s do that every once and awhile.  

My conclusion: as a mom and homemaker, I am continually washing my hands throughout the day. After every diaper change, after using harsh chemicals to clean, after handling chicken for dinner, etcetera. The wear and tear on our hands is ridiculous! More importantly, however, my husband and our close friends (whose hands are severely callused and tough from their Naval career and being habitual weight lifters) tried the cream and they loved it.  I once saw the skin on my husbands hand split between his thumb and index finger.  No more! I will be buying the hand salve for Andrew and myself. And speaking of Andrew, I absolutely love Kiehl’s collection for men! It’s hard to find good ‘beauty’ products for men because nobody makes them! You can buy this hand cream for you or your loved ones here or check out some of Kiehl’s men’s collection below.

On to Kiehl’s lip balm.  I feel like Kiehl’s knows me better than my husband at this point when I opened my package to find a lip balm.  Okay, huge (and totally weird?) confession. I pick at my lips all. day. long.  It’s such a terrible habit, and I don’t even know why I do it!  I put on chapstick: it dries up, my lips dry up, I start to pick at them, they crack and bleed, I put more chap stick on.  It’s a problem, right?  However, applying this lip balm wasn’t the most luxurious experience because of the vaseline-type consistency.  I really prefer a silkier texture when it comes to lip balms, but that’s just preference.

Why I will still become Kiehl’s newest lip balm groupie: Despite the consistency, I applied it over 2 hours ago, ate a meal, and my lips are still moisturized and smooth.  No picking urges, just beautiful lips! I would definitely sacrifice the ‘luxurious experience’ for real results.You can try out this lip balm here.

Lastly, the Ultra Facial Cream.  Let’s be honest, up until now I used the generic clean and clear brand that I’ve been using since I was fifteen.  A viewer e-mailed me last month asking what new skin care products I would recommend for her daughter now that’s she’s turned thirteen, and I referred her to Clean and Clear.  So why, if I was referring this face moisturizer for a 13-year-old, did I think that it was acceptable for my twenty-something-year-old self? Our skin changes over time along with our skin care needs.  Worries of acne turned into worries of wrinkles and bags under my eyes, and I need a facial cream that will mature with me and address new concerns.

Why I won’t be buying this face cream:  I believe that this cream could do wonders for someone with dry skin, but I have extremely oily skin and even after a thorough clean and conservative use it was just too powerful for my skin type. However, I would be super interested in trying their oil control collection. I did my research and looked at what customers had to say about the product, and the reviews say it all.  I can say, however, that our good friend (and photographer!) Kyle struggles with acne and very dry skin, and he loved it! So I will be gifting this cream to him.  In the end, I recommend finding a quality face moisturizer that suits your skin type needs. You can try Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream here or check out their oil control collection below.

Buying from a company like Kiehl’s is the way to go, they sell quality and socially responsible products that we feel comfortable putting on our bodies. Aside from the fact that their products are truly fantastic, so too are their philanthropic efforts.  This Saturday, August 15 Kiehl’s is partnering with amFAR for an exciting charity event called Kiehl’s LifeRide for amfAR, a motorcycle ride they started six years ago to raise awareness and funds for amfAr’s research and treatment of AIDS.  This year they plan to raise $150,000 for amfAR with your help and participation! Head on over to Fashion Valley in San Diego for complimentary skin care treatments and 15% off products. For more information on Kiehl’s LifeRide 2015 click here!!


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