Fall Decorating

Happy Fall everyone! This time of year is my absolute favorite. I love halloween and all the baking, decorating, and fall festivities that we all get to participate in. Normally, I’m a little bummed because the weather doesn’t cooperate with my mood, but recently we had a couple of rainy days that brought the temperature down and it truly felt like fall! So I decided to go craft crazy and I went a little overboard with the pinterest projects.  

I made some little pumpkins to line the flower bed in our front yard with some old plywood that was hanging around the garage. I used a jigsaw and cut out three pumpkin shapes of various sizes, sanded down the sharp edges, and painted with some leftover black chalk paint. I wanted to paint them orange but it was suuper late and I was too impatient to wait until the next day, so after the chalk paint dried I used an orange piece of chalk and colored them in. Problem solved.

Originally I had planned for them to sit upright by the front door, but our front entrance is just so large that it definitely understated them a bit.  So I picked up some $0.75 5 gallon paint stir sticks and cut off the edges to make them sharp. While I was at Walmart I also picked up two pretty large pumpkins that are sitting at the front door for $3.50 each! Not bad.

There are so many crafts on pinterest for recycled wine bottles, and we have at least 20 sitting under the bar here at the Behrens house. What can I say, we drink a lot of wine. So I got some ribbon and orange candles and made little candleabras! I placed two at the front door and used two as a center piece for our dining table.  I’ll definitely be doing more. The hardest part was getting the labels off the bottles. I followed a recipe that called for baking soda, white vinegar and hot water and left them soaking for awhile. Some came right off, others I had to sit and scrape away at for awhile.  I ran out of vinegar but I’ll be doing a couple more once I pick some up.

I also made the wreaths at the front door for pretty cheap. The twig wreaths themselves were only about $3 each, and I bought a bouquet of fall leaves for $0.97! The rest were just supplies I had in my arts and crafts boxes at home, aside from a couple new things of ribbon.  Overall all of the decorations for the house cost me about $25, and I still have supplies left over to do more! 


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  1. Oh the decorations are so pretty!! I did something similar going to the woods to pick up pine cones and leaves to decorate inside the house!! Fall is the best season <3

  2. Alice I’m jealous! There are no pine trees around here but there are like 3 over by a park near our house and when I went scavenging I couldn’t find any! I’m going to keep looking but when I find them I usually like to spray paint them gold and use them as a centerpiece.

  3. I really want to decorate for fall, but not sire I’m very good at interior decorating, lol 😛 But I plan to give it a go! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

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