Bloggers Day Out + Salon Advice!

Hey guys! I have been getting lots of questions lately about my hair, the products I use, and haircare lately so I figured I would do a little q&a. If you follow my Instagram or Facebook you would have seen the day myself and a bunch of fantastic San Diego bloggers took a limo (provided by Aal In Limo Services!) to get our hair done at Plaza Hair Salon! It was such a fantastic experience. The pictures above are before and after pictures of us outside our party bus at the salon!

I promise this wasn’t procrastination, normally I would blame my lazy blogging skills but it takes me awhile to really get a feel for the quality of the cut. Sometimes you go to a hair salon where the stylist curls your hair and you aren’t really able to see how even they cut the layers (or sometimes how uneven!) so I usually wait a couple weeks until I’ve put my hair in all my usual styles to see how the cut stacks up.  

This time my stylist passed all my little tests. She asked all the right questions (do you part your hair down the middle or to the side? I say both!) and when it’s all said and done, the layers look even when I straighten my hair, I have just enough layers to add that little bit of volume when I curl my hair, and the layers were cut in such a way that when I put my hair up in a messy bun I have the first, second, and third layers to create that relaxed messy beach look. I know it seems funny, but those are honestly the things I look for when I get a new cut!

What should I tell my stylist?
As a military wife, I travel a lot, and I take my pampering opportunities when they come. Sometimes this means going when we’re home in Arizona for the holidays (we visit a lot!) and grandma can watch the baby. This also means I have to find a new salon, which is a nightmare. Yelp helps, but often times I still walk into a salon with a certain amount of anxiety so I try to communicate what I want as clearly as I can. I always make sure to tell my stylist that I part my hair down the middle and to the side (it matters!), and that I want to keep my long layers. I always give the 90’s Jennifer Anniston cut as an example of a no-no, think more Kate Upton and less Rachel off Friends! I also communicate that I want a little bit of volume so it doesn’t look flat when curling my hair. 

Hair Color/Highlights?
Right now my hair actually isn’t dyed or highlighted except on the ends. This is the product of an ombre done about 2 years ago! I know I should get it dyed again but I don’t hate my hair color enough to justify spending the money yet 😉

Right now I’m using Kenra’s moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s good, but it’s definitely not fantastic. I think my absolute favorite is ‘It’s a 10’ Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s a little pricey, but my hair has never been smoother! I also like L’oreal’s Everpure shampoo and THIS conditioner combo. I would say I use the L’oreal shampoo and conditioner most often because it’s affordable but also because using the conditioner is like going to the spa. It’s mint and rosemary scented and it’s absolutely to die for.

Anyway, this is the final product! I was super happy with the result and even happier that it stood up to all my wacky tests.
The whole experience was super relaxing and gave me exactly the kind of ‘me’ time I was looking for. I’m so grateful that I’m in a point in my life where I have my partner by my side to take care of the baby when I want to take a break and get some pampering done. It wasn’t always like that! Remembering back circa 2014 when Andrew broke his leg and I was finishing up my business degree. Isla was still super colicy and I was taking care of TWO babies who were in a lot of pain! Time for self improvement or pampering was few and far to come by back then.  Counting my blessings! Thanks for coming on this journey with me, leave me a comment and let me know any salon advice you would give to people trying out a new stylist!


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