Behrens Family Thanksgiving





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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This thanksgiving was the first that I hosted by myself, we decided to forgo the trip to Arizona this time and spend the holiday with some close friends. So I guess it would be a friendsgiving? Either way, it was busy and fabulous. I apologize for the lack/quality of pictures! It was such a busy day, I was proud of myself for being showered and ready on time! Andrew put Isla down for a nap without brushing her hair, and by the time she woke up there was no taming it! 

I love to do table settings on holidays and special occasions. It adds such an elegant feel to the table and because of my large stash of craft supplies, they’re usually free! I picked up some pine cones from the park near our house with Isla a couple days before, spray painted them with Silver metallic spray paint, and tied a name card with some string to the cone. I went with silver because of these amazing Threshold nailhead chairs that we got from Target (at an amazing price! 2 for $160). I love the idea of making the two end chairs more pronounced so we chose these Griffin nailhead cutback chairs with a little more of a regal feel to them (2 for $200!)

I also carved one of the pumpkins left over from halloween and spray painted it metallic gold. The theme for this thanksgiving was going to be silver and gold, I just love this combo. The names were written with gold sharpie, the string was gold, the pumpkin was gold, and the chairs, pinecones, and silverware were silver. Later i added some gold ribbon to the silver candles on the table to tie in the silver/gold theme. Voila! I think the only thing I didn’t have on hand was the gold ribbon that I picked up at Walmart while doing some last minute thanksgiving grocery shopping for $1.25. Not bad!

This table was actually hand made by my photographer/good friend Kyle Davide. He literally finished it the morning of thanksgiving and brought it into the formal dining room a couple hours before dinner! It was an incredible feat and the table is just absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for our dinner!

I hope everyone got to spend thanksgiving with their loved ones, this was the biggest thing I was grateful for this thanksgiving. Last year Andrew was deployed, so I sent him a care package and missed his guts! This year, we’re all together and our family kept in mind all those that couldn’t be home for thanksgiving. Sending lots of love and support your way! 


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