Classic for Christmas

Hey everyone! So if you follow me on Instagram you know that last week we went to my husbands work Christmas party. They’re usually pretty fancy and I love taking this opportunity to take our family Christmas photos. I won’t lie, taking our first formal photoshoot together was a handful! Isla was all over the place, if it wasn’t for my superstar husband I definitely wouldn’t have been able to chase her alone in those giant heels! Such a stinker.

Because I have a curvy frame, I usually like to go the bodycon route when it comes to dresses. This year though I loved the idea of doing the classic pleated a-line skirt. It’s just such a timeless look and I felt like it flattered my body while also being conservative. It just so happened that I started following this amazing boutique called EverAfterFairyTales on Instagram that sold a mini version (with an adorable bow!) of my skirt! I was sold. I purchased it immediately and made sure it would make it on time for the Christmas party.

If you guys are looking for some Christmas party style inspo then this is definitely the way to go. The outfit together was under $50! Such a steal. Forever 21 has this box pleat a-line skirt in black as well, and the material is kind of stretchy so it was very forgiving after a fantastic dinner (and maybe a couple glasses of wine?). 

Still not sharing my absolute favorite Christmas photo of all yet! Sending my Christmas cards out soon and will update soon thereafter! Check back for more details!


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