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Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing break with their loved ones this Christmas! 

Today I’m talking hair extensions. Okay moms, I know it’s not super practical to wear hair extensions every day. I’ve had those stay-in-our-PJ’s-covered-in-spit-up kind of days, I feel ya! But moms are people too, and sometimes we need to be reminded of that by getting the chance to feel like people. Each mom is different; for some moms it’s some form of therapeutic art, for others it’s exercise and dress up. That’s where I’m at! Woot woot.

So ladies, for those of us that like the occasional glam – hair extensions are just the trick. It’s kind of like getting your nails done, you just feel so much more confident! Plus, extensions are a nice comfort blanket in case of a bad haircut. Trust me, I’ve been there! It’s actually why I started wearing hair extensions to begin with! That’s why I was ecstatic when Irresistible Me sent me over some hair extensions from their Royal Remi line to review and here’s the low-down. 

I’m no expert on hair extensions, okay? Other than the fact that I’ve used hair extensions extensively (pun intended) in the past and know what to expect from them. Good quality hair extensions are real, human hair so that you can curl, wash, and dye them like regular hair. They also are durable enough to endure normal hair care routines, like brushing and blow drying. The Royal Remi collection definitely delivers in these arena’s; the hair is quality human hair and durable enough to endure a tough brushing. This is important for preserving the life of your extensions! 

But I know what you’re thinking: your hair is already long, why do you need hair extensions? The reason is because women wear hair extensions for reasons other than length. I wear them for volume! The more hair you have, the more voluminous your hair looks. Plus, it helps achieve that incredibly stylish messy pony. I love hair extensions for special occasions like Christmas or New Year’s Eve parties, it’s that missing link to amping up your look and I love to incorporate them for a more dramatic feel.

Picking out the color of your hair online is kind of nerve-racking, especially when you have a super grown out ombre like I do, but I was actually really surprised at how well these babies matched! I ordered Royal Medium Brown #4 from the Royal Remi collection and it matches perfectly. Plus, Irresistible Me kind of takes the pressure off by offering free shipping and exchanges in case it doesn’t match your current color, which is always good.

Anyways, if you need me you can find me whipping my mane back and forth like the fierce lioness I am over here! 


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  1. Right?! Me too! It wasn’t until I started wearing hair extensions myself that I realized it. I was like, why does my pony look so small and dull? I have a good amount of hair? It’s the extensions that really make the difference 🙂

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