Why I didn’t freak out when my husband bought me Yoga classes on Valentines Day

For Valentines Day, my husband went to Lululemon and bought me a new pair of yoga pants, a yoga mat, and 5 classes to The Studio on Palm; a new fitness studio that just opened up in Imperial Beach
Let’s consider this gift for a second here, it’s not exactly the most stereotypically “romantic” gift, and not to mention a potentially risky thing for my husband to do. For most of us, buying your wife a subscription to a gym for Valentines day most certainly spells trouble. My husband, however, knew exactly what he was doing. We’ve actually known Kat, the owner of The Studio on Palm, for several years! She used to teach yoga on base and her classes were always PACKED, and for good reason. Her routines are challenging but doable, and I don’t claim to be any kind of yoga expert, but they are definitely the best classes I’ve ever been to. I will make it a point to recommend her and her studio to anyone whose willing to listen!
The Studio on Palm is really the perfect place to take some time for yourself. They offer different types of Yoga classes, boxing, TRX, and fun little workshops (like chair dancing!) and honestly, it’s very affordable. Their packages are so versatile, you can buy a 5 class package and use them towards whatever kind of class you want. It’s super non-committal and their schedule makes it easy for you to make a class (usually around 9am and 6pm, perfect for weekdays after work or weekends in the morning!). Add the fact that this place is less than a mile away from my house and it honestly couldn’t get any better.
On a personal note, Andrew has been working and gone a lot lately. Emphasis on a lot. The time that he’s not working, he’s home working on projects, usually projects involving dangerous tools and environments not suitable for toddlers. As such, I am tasked with keeping Isla busy and happy (even though she really just wants to chill with dad!) and have had little time to myself in between. I have been in non-stop mom mode lately, and it’s been rough on my workout schedule and complexion. I really have been needing some down time where I can focus on myself and my fitness without having to jump through hoops (pun not intended ;).
This gift means so much more to me. We’ve moved more times than we can count in the six years that we’ve been married. There is no stability, no knowing where we’ll be living in a year, and definitely no routine. As a military spouse, these are luxuries we cannot afford. This is why buying our first home has been such a dream come true. Buying me these classes means stability; it’s the realization that this is our life, this is our home, and this can now be our routine.

It also gives me independence and the promise of support through my fitness journey. He’s dedicated his Saturday mornings to watching the baby for me so I can have some necessary me time, and that means a lot.  And although flowers and chocolates are your more typical Valentines day gift, I couldn’t have asked for a more tailored-to-me and thoughtful gift from him.

When you have the support and the means, the rest is on you. Which is the hardest part! Is anyone else as lazy as I am? (Yikes, didn’t I just say last week that I wasn’t lazy?!) No really, I am so prone to laziness that much of my routine is centered around prevention; preventing myself from being lazy. I know this about myself, so I take measures to prevent myself from stooping back into a way of life that, at the end of the day, doesn’t make me happy. That is the beautiful part about the classes at Kat’s studio, its just enough commitment that you have to use them, but not too much in that you aren’t stuck in a  binding contract with a gym or facility. Also, if after awhile you decide Restorative Yoga is a little too tame, you can always switch up your classes, no penalty ;).

All in all, happiness for me comes in the form of balance and stability. A balance of free time versus mom time. The stability of knowing where we’ll be and the freedom to make commitments you can actually keep. And most importantly, the realization that all of this is a beautiful start to a new life together.


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