Easter Treats

Last year I took on the challenge of making this extraordinary looking Easter themed cake and was SO surprised at how easy it was. I brought it to Easter dinner and it was a huge hit. Extremely sweet though! I might try Cool Whip instead of frosting this year and see how that turns out.

I originally found this recipe on The Organised Housewife, but tweaked it a little to meet my own needs. 

There are so many cool tutorials out there on Pinterest, and I couldn’t even BEGIN to get into the world of food preparation and photography blogging. I mean, how do they keep their stuff from burning as they stop between steps to get those perfect shots?! Nope, not for me. But I will show you how mine turned out and give you some references so you can make your own this year.

For this project I bought:
Cake mix
Frosting (2 ct)
Easter malt eggs (I prefer the pastel colors!)
Finish with a bow (I had some on hand)

You can easily do an all white look with white chocolate kit-kat bars, use MnM easter eggs, and switch out frosting for Cool Whip to make it your own.

Let me know if you make this cake! Post a picture on Instagram and hashtag “#everygoodwoman”!


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