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Baby Pink Curtains: HERE, Dresser (DIY project): similar styles HERE and HERE

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Hey guys! I am so excited to give you just a mini update on Isla’s nursery since we moved into the new house. If you’ve been following me on social media for awhile, you saw that last year I fixed up this Craigslist find into Isla’s dresser. This thing is by far my favorite project, because I bought this French Provincial style dresser for $14. Yes, $14. As you can see, it was in pretty bad shape. It had been written on with Sharpie, tons of stickers, and the backboard had tons of holes and was coming apart. 

Just a quick recap of how I fixed this dresser; I wiped down the outside and cleaned the inside. I replaced the backboard, and scraped off the stickers from the drawers. As for the Sharpie, a couple coats of this Ralph Lauren pink paint and it had disappeared completely. I took off the hardware and spray painted them Gold, and did the same to the claw foot legs. For the gold trim, I had originally bought this beautiful Ralph Lauren dark golden paint, but when applied it just looked like dark brown, and most of the glimmer was not noticeable. I used this paint on other projects instead, and they came out beautifully. For this project, however, I decided to tape off the sections around the trim and go for spray paint. It came out so much better than I expected!

Now for the style of Isla’s room, I’m going for light pinks and gold. I really wanted the pinks in the room to be subtle, no brights, so for her curtains I grabbed these light pink curtains to match the dresser. I want all the pinks and creams in her room to be very pastel in nature so that the gold accents really pop. I linked her exact curtains along with some similar styles!


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