Fall Craft, Use What You Have!

Who else uses their kids as a giant excuse to partake in crafts? I know I’m not the only one. Crafts, especially Holiday crafts, are my jam and I totally use my daughter’s childhood as justification for massive shopping sprees at Michaels.

I’ve had my share of Pinterest fails, though, trust me. No project is really as easy as it seems. So if crafts aren’t really your thing, rest assured this one is a fool-proof non-crafters dream. Fun for the kiddos, fun for mom. 

I went bonkers at Trader Joe’s and bought, no joke, over 20 of these little pumpkins. I’m not sure what I was thinking. Probably very basic thoughts; #fall, #pumpkinspiceeverything, #PUMPKINS

This probably would have been easier with a larger pumpkin, but just use whatever pumpkins are available to you at your local store. Place those broken crayon pieces that are hanging out in the corner of your kids room on top of the pumpkin and blow dry on low. Easy! Obviously, supervise your kiddos with the blow dryer.

We had some cheap, off-brand crayons (not Crayola) that we tried first and they didn’t want to melt. You can try whatever you have lying around, but we ended up using the old broken Crayola’s because they would actually melt. It might make it easier if you added a bit of superglue to the bottom of the crayons so they stay in place. We didn’t have any and ended up doing one crayon at a time because the others kept blowing away. Just a thought!

Anyway, I hope you all are enjoying the fall with your kiddos as much as I am. I love the weather and the festivities this time of year brings and I can’t wait to unveil Isla’s Halloween costume! Stay tuned, stay sane, stay supermoms. 


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