Pumpkin Patch and #Momprobs

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Okay, no lie, I’ve lured you here under false pretenses. First, I show you beautiful pics of my daughter frolicking in the sunflowers and then BAM – I lay the heavy stuff on you. 

But really, I’m here this week to air my dirty laundry and talk about #parentingstruggles. Are you one of those type A moms that organizes every second of your week into designer planners while penciling in your next PTA or MOPS meeting? Me neither. I always considered myself outgoing and eager to make friends, but the older I get, the more antisocial I’ve become. Being around people sometimes means extra effort and like, putting on a bra. Sometimes, the bare minimum is all we can handle.

I’m learning, however.

I’m learning the advantages of being organized, being involved, and building relationships with other moms in the same boat. After some gentle nudging from a close friend, I joined the local MOPS chapter this year. I was skeptical. My antisocial, lazy mom radar started buzzing. Wait, that would mean I have to shower and like, be around other moms where they could potentially witness my daughter in the midst of a gigantic meltdown. Yikes, no thanks.

She kind of sold me on the whole, childcare and 2 free hours to enjoy a cup of coffee and a warm breakfast sans kid thing. After getting over the initial awkwardness and meeting some truly humble (and badass) moms, I began to enjoy going.

I’m not going to lie, I was not raised to be super organized and proactive. No one in my house planned anything, we took care of ourselves and were independent. The focus in my household was very academically and family-geared; everything else took a back seat. In the Mexican culture, you have so many family members that you barely have time for friends! Any friends you have will be hanging out with you and your family, or probably not at all. Fast forward to my adult life where I have no close family nearby, I’m learning to invest time into friendships and build relationships with others in the same boat. We’ll expand to other boats later. For now, moms and military spouses are about all I can handle.

Surrounding yourself with a group of females can be intimidating, but we can learn so much from each other. As moms, we can sometimes lose our way in the midst of child rearing. What are my goals again? Are they still important/relevant to my life? How will they affect my family? Surrounding yourself with alpha females that have their stuff figured out can set you back on the right track. You CAN have it all and it CAN be done. I know because I’ve just surrounded myself with nearly 50 women who are living proof and I’m learning from them all the time.

P.S., totally not hating on designer planners. My life could use a designer planner or two. #Realtalk

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