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Hey mamas! We’re halfway through January already, can you believe it? This month has been great for getting my household back on track and catching up with good friends you’ve missed during the holidays. It seems as though everyone has January babies – so many birthdays this month! Now if you’re like me, you have absolutely no idea what to give people for gifts. My friends are so blessed and it seems as though they (and their kiddos) have everything! Plus, it’s not exactly like we all have time to plan extravagant birthday parties. Sometimes birthdays fall on a workday and there’s just no time for surprise visits. 

This is why these two are my favorite go-to gifts for friends and kids of friends. If you don’t already have an Amazon Prime account, TRUST ME when I say this service pays for itself in so many ways. With a prime account, you have access to Prime now. If you already use this service, scroll down, but if not, can I stress how much this service simplifies my life? If you have kiddos, you understand grocery shopping struggles. It can truly be infuriating, but with Amazon prime you can literally grocery shop from your couch. Depending on your location, different stores will be available to order from. I personally have access to shop at Sprouts, Amazon now of course, and a couple other specialty stores. I can purchase all organic, affordable produce, meat, and household supplies from my phone or computer and have it delivered to my door in two hours. It’s incredible. 

Depending on where you regularly shop, it’s really not that much more expensive. I bought a weeks worth of groceries for Isla and I, including some random baking supplies (yum) for just over $50. There is a $30 minimum and you have the option to tip your delivery man/woman. This landed my total with a $5 tip at $57. It is so worth it and I’ll definitely be doing the majority of my shopping through them from now on, you just can’t beat the ease and convenience. If you sign up through the link below, I’ll get a small commission so go ahead and try it out! I promise you won’t regret it.

On to gifts! I have a good friend who has been extremely supportive through Andrew’s deployment, and she opted for a low-key birthday at home with the family. Even though I couldn’t be there to celebrate, I still wanted to let her know I was thinking about her. I logged onto Amazon now and picked out a fresh bouquet of tulips, a 4-pack of gluten free cupcakes, and a bottle of Meiomi Pinot Noir and had it delivered to her door in a couple hours. It was the perfect “I’m thinking of you but I respect your privacy” gift and it was just too easy. (Oh, I didn’t mention you can get alcohol delivered to your door *wink*)

On to the kiddos! If you haven’t already heard of Robert Sabuda, I’m about to change your life. This is the absolute perfect gift for any kiddo, any age. He authors some incredible intricately detailed pop-up books. I discovered him after one was gifted to us for Isla’s second birthday. Story time has always been Isla’s favorite thing to do, and she already has quite the collection of books. Regardless of your child’s favorite hobby, however, these books will be a win. I bought 5 for Christmas and gave them out to all the kiddos in my life, ages 3-10. 

I’m not one to over-gift my kid, you guys. She’s three, and we seriously have such a big family that we’re busting at the seams with all the things she’s been gifted with. These books, however, I have no problem gifting at the appropriate times. Reading to your child is so important and these are the types of books she won’t really ever outgrow. I plan on collecting all of them for Isla and I’m sure I’m way more excited than she is about it.

So whether you want to spoil your own kiddo or you just need a good gift idea, these books are a solid go-to gift option under $30. Happy shopping!
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P.S. If you guys were wondering, here are Isla’s room details!


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